Thursday, 9 September 2010

My Pamangkins

I miss my makukulit na pamangkins, my little boys and girls. This photo was taken I guess 5 years ago, Haay now they are growing up so fast. And not knowing when I come back they'll gonna be big boys and girls. My niece who is cuddled by my sister in my back is now 13 years old, she's having a crushes already and worst might be a bf?huhu..She's so tall now, and all these baby boys are soon to be a big boys, super makulit. I miss them so much! I love them a lot, I love playing with them when I was there, very hands on ako sa kanila. i like taking care of them. Kaya hasa na ako sa bata la nang problema pagnagkaanak ako.hehe..But as of now they are all my babies and they will always be.

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