Saturday, 17 April 2010

Their little ways are Interesting and Diffirent..

Last Saturday James and I went to Westgate Garden to entertain our afternoon as my parents inlaw were out attending a bitrthday party. We were walking beside the river enjoying the views of the blooming spring flowers everywhere.Just as then this greasy swan catched my sight cos she looked lonely for and well obviously alone..I took a photo of her and noticed that maybe she was anxious that I was getting a picture of her so she never turned on the side where I was.I was like little kid enjoying looking at the swan floating..

And these are the hungry pigeons who caught my sight too. James said they are boring but I find them intersting. Tehy flew in flocks in search for food..they can fly whenever they high as they can.They could see the things people couldn't and that's what makes them interesting..and different.

Just as I was writing things here in my blog about animals, I remember my pet before, his name was Jamie but he's no longer alive anymore. He was a fighting fish. I got him from a birthday of a friend's son last Dec.of 2008. I found this fish very intersting, how he changes his colour especially when he's angry. He became my way of relaxation sometime..all of us at my sister's house has one of this fish and we all had a race of who's fish will stay for long will win..unfortunately Jamie didn't stayed that long. But it was long enough for me to know how great it is to have something you call pet..

Camera Critters

Wind Beneath My Wings...

It has been 2 weeks and 2 days since I've been here in UK and I always miss Family. Eversince I had my 1st step out of our little home, I already missed them. Not a day and night goes by that I'm not thinking of them. Every beautiful places I visit, I always wish they're enjoying with me. Everytime I eat delicious food, I close my eyes and wish they're having the same that moment. They are always a part of my dreams, every little dream I make for myself it won't be complete without them. Every step I make and every decision I made or will make, they're a part of it.
It was so hard for me leaving them..really really hard. For I've never experienced life without them and far from them in 22 yrs of my life. I was scared..very very scared. Cos I know deep in me that I was and I am very dependent with them. And then here's this that I have to learn living without them. And that I'm not their little girl anymore, I'm getting married and will have my own family very soon. That thought scared me more..cos I was anxious of the fact that from now on I should stand up not just for myslef but also for the family I will build.
I can still remember how I cried myself to bed 2 nights before we left. It was so painful that I cried so much without my bunny knowing..I don't know, the thought of leaving my mum suddenly came in my mind and a whole bunch of melancholy covered me.I even did want to back out from going with James here. I do want to be with hime so much but the fact that I'm leaving my mama after 22yrs made me doubt it. Just then I realised I am not a little girl anymore, I am getting older! I should be strong, independent and be a Woman enough for my family, just as what my mama and papa wanted me to be. So now I am trying to, for my family back home, for my papa and for my hunnybun and our soon to be family.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Where I found Peace...

Camera Critters

This clearly draws the picture of stillness, of calmness and peace I deserved to have that certain moment. So wonderful to walk in the beachfront and leave footprints in the white sand. Layback in the sand and hear the splash of the wave, the sound of the birds and the sound my bunny's laughter cos of my cracked joke. It was perfect..the place, the moment..everything! Just as we both wanted to be cast away in the real world at that time. Run away from the troubles and pathetic people causing it to us. Not because we were weak to face them, but because we both know they won't succeed. And that it was time for us to celebrate and thsnk GOD for He never made us to be like one of those pitiful people.
It awesome! Me and my bunny decided to visit this place and had enjoyed the adventure quite well. It was a long journey from our place in the Philippines, but I guess it was all worth it when we reached the resort. It was not a good time to mingle with other people thought cos we were just the only guests there.hehe..seems like we could own the resort! The view was very relaxing..away from all the worries.
Well this resort is Punta Bulata situated in Cauwayan, Negros Occidental Philippines. It was actually our consolation for our supposed to be Boracay trip but we were not able to go cos thinking of the land travel makes me dislke Bora a bit. So my bunny said we could have bora next time we come back to the Philippines and we'll pass through Caticlan airport so not that long travel!hehe..Bulata was good, the romms were nice and got a huge bathroom which was I enjoyed too. Just the pool not that big..but I found the evening there so romantic. We enjoyed it and especially the views and all the good photos we took..

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

By the Time you'll say : " Yes, I am Old and Alone.."

After I had written my 1st blog yesterday, I was excited of writing again the 2nd blog for today. But as I woke up this morning and was sitting in front of the computer to start my today's blog, I ran out of thoughts of the topic to start it. So I decided to leave it alone and just do what I needs to be done. Until just this afternoon my mother inlaw and I went to the hospital to bring granpa (mother inlaw's dad) for his leg check up.It was all well and nothing really serious on granpa's leg.Thanks God!
Just after that we took granpa back to his house. He lived there alone yes. He got a good house, great dining area cos it's overlooking the garden. He had the photos of all his children and grandchildren hanging on the wall. He invited us for a tea and so we took a while there. And as I sat in the lounge having my tea, a touch of melancholy came up to me as I looked at grandpa. A sudden fear of the thought that what am I if I'm on his age..guh, was really out of the blue but I just realised that I guess, you just have to make all the time you have worth while with the person you love, family, friends and even stranger while you are young. Enjoy every taste, every bits and every happy memories it gives you. For when you get old, you can never do the things you used to do when you were young..but atleast, You'll have those memories to reminisce while you are sitting in front of the window, having a cup of tea, Old and Alone..

Monday, 12 April 2010

When I say " I do"..

So much to think of what would be interesting topic or picture I should have in my first blog, I end up with this. My own made invitation online for our wedding.Yes I'm getting married! In 3months time I'm going to make the most wonderful vow a woman could ever be with the only man she loved and will love for the rest of her life.Day by day I'm getting excited.Have so much to prepare for this big day though. But hopefully it'll be a successful, happy wedding for us. Though it won't be that complete cos my family will not be here to celebrate that special day with me.It would be happier if they will be here and happiest if my dad will be too.. But I know they understand and they are all very happy for me, especially my dad..wherever he is.
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