Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Busy Monday...

Oh so late to catch up todays blog..hehe. Was just busy, well the start of my day was. My mother inlaw and I went to hobbycraft at Westwood Cross to see what we can find for our wedding invitation. She found that store online and yes we found lots. Lots and lots of stuff for all kinds of invitation, for scrapbooks, for painting, sewing,cross stitch, knitting and etcetera etcetera. That was interesting place really.. You'll find it hard to decide what really is you want cos you'll find all they have there pretty suitable for what you want to do,esp. for invitations and scrapbooks.
And the night finished with us playing the "Weather Game" one of the card games my bunny has. Mind you he has a lot of all those stuff.hehe..One of those I like was " Thomas theTank Engine"..pretty youngsters,games of kiddo.. :P And now I'm done with this blog!Goodnight!


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