Sunday, 18 April 2010

It's Time to Give HIM Praise and Thanks!!

It's a wonderful Sunday today! The sun is out and the temperature is quite good. Fairly accomplished cos I started it by worshipping and praising GOD. Had the chance to pray for my family back home and thank HIM for so many blessings HE gave me..Quite a lot.For the answered prayers, for all the strength in the midst of sadness..for everything.
Counting all those blessings and answered prayers is so much overwhelming and in gratitudeI bow down. I know now, and I will always do remember that HE loves me so so much and that HE only wants the best for me. I have proved that so many times in my 22yrs of living :) . HE's always there especially by those times I needed HIM the most.. HE sustained us when we found out that my brother had a kidney failure..HE lifted us when my father was diagnosed of brain tumor..HE helped me find the right path when I was lost and weary after my father died. HE never failed to enlighten me when I was confused and in doubt of everything.. And after all those struggles I realised, " Nothing I can never Endure" as long as I have Faith in HIM.
And now here I am, in the arms where HE destined me to be..the long journey of waiting is all worth it. Thank you LORD for even though I'm away from home, You've given me all these nice people here who makes me feel welcome and at home. Most of all thank you so much for such a kind and wonderful parents inlaw who welcomed me with warmth and love. And ofcourse for my ever loving hunnybun who is always patient of me all the time. :)


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