Tuesday, 13 April 2010

By the Time you'll say : " Yes, I am Old and Alone.."

After I had written my 1st blog yesterday, I was excited of writing again the 2nd blog for today. But as I woke up this morning and was sitting in front of the computer to start my today's blog, I ran out of thoughts of the topic to start it. So I decided to leave it alone and just do what I needs to be done. Until just this afternoon my mother inlaw and I went to the hospital to bring granpa (mother inlaw's dad) for his leg check up.It was all well and nothing really serious on granpa's leg.Thanks God!
Just after that we took granpa back to his house. He lived there alone yes. He got a good house, great dining area cos it's overlooking the garden. He had the photos of all his children and grandchildren hanging on the wall. He invited us for a tea and so we took a while there. And as I sat in the lounge having my tea, a touch of melancholy came up to me as I looked at grandpa. A sudden fear of the thought that what am I if I'm on his age..guh, was really out of the blue but I just realised that I guess, you just have to make all the time you have worth while with the person you love, family, friends and even stranger while you are young. Enjoy every taste, every bits and every happy memories it gives you. For when you get old, you can never do the things you used to do when you were young..but atleast, You'll have those memories to reminisce while you are sitting in front of the window, having a cup of tea, Old and Alone..


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